Installing Shadow Daemon is easy!


To begin with the installation you need Docker, Docker Compose, and Git.


You can install and control Shadow Daemon through shadowdctl, a simple docker-compose wrapper. Modify the file docker-compose.yml for fine-grained control. To start Shadow Daemon execute the following commands.

git clone
cd shadowdctl
sudo ./shadowdctl up -d

Wait until the web container is completely started. Once the initialization is done you have to add a user account for the web interface.

sudo ./shadowdctl exec web ./app/console swd:register --admin --name=admin

By default, all services are bound to localhost only. This behavior can be changed in docker-compose.yml but it is recommended to make the services not publicly available. For more information about commands and configuration options check out the Docker Compose manual.

What’s next?

You have to add an application profile with the user interface.